Foundation for Defense of Democraices: The Present Day Approach of the Organization Discussed

The programs as well as policies of Foundation for Defense of Democraices, have tasted success multiple times since its inception. The organization deals with many types of issues around the world, hence you can say that different teams are assigned different tasks here. There are teams that look exclusively at operations to stop terrorists whereas others ensure that human rights are protected all over the world.

Countering terrorism

The team assigned with fighting terrorism, will consist of people who conduct research on growing terrorist activities around the world. The movements of these organizations are tracked online and their ideologies are also put under the scanner. By understanding the approach of the terrorists, strategies are devised to counter them. Hence academic like research takes place on terrorist outfits and then policies are made to combat them effectively. Even military of few countries are scanned by these people to find signs of oppression within the ranks.


In order to fight the terrorists well, the opposite party also needs to be trained well. This training is given to the staffs before engaging them in operations, both on field as well as off-field.  Knowledgeable people as well as experts at war and combat are present in the team of Foundation for Defense of Democraices. These people come together to give the best results.

Determining roots of problems by Foundation for Defense of Democraices

The ideology that terrorists follow and the radicalization of beliefs that make them take up weapons are studied. The strategy of terrorists which get better every day, are then countered.

If governments are executing pre planned attacks on the citizens, then it is also an act of terrorism to stay in power. The Foundation for Defense of Democraices, work towards eliminating such practices which violate the rights of the common people.