How Ferder stepped into diamond world

Moti Ferder is the well-recognized person in the diamond industry. He has started a diamond retail store called Lugano diamonds having its salons across the globe. He is a jewelry connoisseur and an expert diamond cutter who has designed umpteen remarkable diamond accessories for its client with every piece of jewelry totally unique to other. His Lugano diamond salons will give an incredible diamond shopping experience for the clients globally. Over time, he has gained fame and money and is slowly expanding his business in Southern California. Moti Ferder is the person who has worn many hats throughout his career. He is known for the unique diamond jewelry designs, for running multiple salons globally and for carrying out philanthropic activities. This company is involved in procuring diamonds until selling it. They cut the diamond and craft it as per the client specifications. It is putting its best efforts to provide superior quality services to the clients. In fact, in 2013, Lugano diamonds has won a prestigious award for using zirconium in designing jewelry.

Also, in 2014, this company was recognized for designing unique piece of jewelry by using rare diamond and gem stones that are found in the market. Moti Ferder served in Israel army as the Captain and slowly switched to diamond cutting and designing. He has undergone stringent gemological training that helped him to learn a lot of tips to design jewelry with a great perfection. It is important for a person to cut the diamond in proper shape to embellish it in the jewelry properly. He has master the art of cutting diamonds. In fact, he believes that excelling in diamond cutting has helped him accomplish many milestones in this career.  Basically, to design a perfect piece of jewelry, one needs to find the right stone and then finalize the jewelry design that accentuates the beauty of the stone. Ferder is able to understand the unspoken design needs of the customer and translating it into a piece of jewelry.